Deportes acuáticos en Ibiza

marzo 15, 2023

With its over 200 km of coastline, Ibiza is a perfect place to enjoy the sea and the varied water sports on offer. The warm seas which are calm all year round, make it ideal for water activities even for beginners. In addition to snorkelling, diving and kayak all of which we have talked about extensively in articles elsewhere, there are plenty of other fun water sports on Ibiza. Let’s find out!

Paddle Surf or SUP (Stand Up Paddle)

This has become fashionable over the last few years, and Ibiza is no exception, as SUP requires very little technique and allows you to effortlessly discover some of the most beautiful spots on the coast as your board glides over the translucent island waters. There are loads of companies offering excursions or boards to rent.

Where can I do it?

SUP Ibiza

Ibiza Multisport

SUP Paradise Ibiza

SUP Yoga

Paddle Surf


Although this sport requires some technical skill, after just a few classes you will be able to enjoy the pleasant sensation of gliding swiftly over the waters. The best times of the year for windsurfing on the island are spring and autumn, as in summer there is quite often too little wind.

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Ibiza Multisports





If speed is your thing, waterskiing is a unique and fun experience which will suit you perfectly.

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Ski Watersports

Yatch Watersports

Ibiza Watersports

esqui acuatico

Wake Board

Many of the island motor boats, for rent with or without captain, provide an opportunity to waterski ski on a board or wakeboard.

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Ibiza Wake Board

Ibiza Watersports

Ibiza Multisports



Se trata de un deporte algo más peligroso y para el que conviene contar con formación y la ayuda de monitores especializados. En verano está prohibida su práctica en Ibiza por la abundancia de bañistas y embarcaciones, por lo que la época para hacer kitesurf en Ibiza es de noviembre a mayo.

This is a somewhat more dangerous sport and it is best to have some training and assistance from specialised teachers. It is not permitted in summer on Ibiza due to the proliferation of swimmers and boats which means that the time for kitesurfing is from November to May.

Where can I do it?

Ibiza Multisport



Can you imagine yourself floating some 200 metres above the sea? Parasailing is a fun watersport which does not require previous experience and where you will be able to enjoy incredible views and get a great adrenaline rush. However, it is not advisable if you are scared of heights. We recommend you choose a location on the San Antonio coast so that you get the bonus of enjoying an amazing sunset from the air.

Where can I do it?

Takeoff Ibiza

Parasailing Ibiza

Jimmy Mambo Parasailing


And of course, although it is not a sport per se, in plenty of places on the island and during most boat trips and parties you’ll get the chance to have a go on the fun banana boat. Fun, speed and laughter guaranteed!