Culture in Ibiza

Arts and Crafts on Ibiza

March 15, 2023

Arts and crafts have a long and deeply rooted tradition on Ibiza due mainly to the fact that Ibiza is an island. The inhabitants were isolated for centuries and had to learn how to make the most of the natural resources to hand. They therefore learned use materials such as wood, stone, ceramics, iron, pelts and esparto to make their utensils, tools, clothes and adornments.

The most traditional and characteristic Ibizan artisan crafts include local musical instruments (xeremies), ceramics, handmade embroidery and lace, leather work, wood carving (a traditional technique  creating designs in relief), products made with plant fibres like esparto (a type of grass), cane or agave fibre such as the traditional espadrille shoes (espardeñas), baskets (cistellons), hats or bags(senallós), as well as jewellery (like the famous “emprendades”) and clothing.

The “collas” or traditional folk groups and the local cultural associations have kept the artisanal tradition alive on Ibiza. Throughout the year they organise many showcase events or local fairs where you can see first-hand how the different local artisans work. The arrival of artists, intellectuals, hippies and all sorts of bohemian characters from the 1960’s onwards made Ibiza into a place bubbling with creativity where many painters, sculptors and designers have created noteworthy arts and crafts and art enriching the traditional island crafts scene. They all found that Ibiza was the perfect place for their inspiration to evolve.


Where to find local crafts on Ibiza

The best places to find local art and artefacts are undoubtedly the local hippy and craft markets. The  El Mercadillo hippy de las Dalias  Las Dalias Hippy Market in San Carlos ( every Saturday all year round), Hippy Market Punta Arabí in Es Canar (every Wednesday during the summer), Mercadillo artesano de Sant Joan, Sant Joan craft market (every Sunday, all year round), Art & Mercat in San Antonio (every Friday, all year round), or the Mostra Artesanal de San Rafael, the San Rafael Craft Showcase (every Thursday, during the summer) are just a few.

There is also a variety of shops and businesses where you can find local craft products:

  •  Ibiza Town

It is well worth visiting local traditional shops like Sombrerería Bonet, Can Murenu o José Pascual, three long standing family businesses where you can find typical Ibizan presents like the must have “senallós” or straw baskets.  Pedro’s, the shop cum workshop of the famous leather craftsman Pedro Planells is also in Ibiza town. If you are looking for jewellery, head to the shops run by the famous designer Elisa Pomar or to the Galeria Tanit where you can find jewellery made by the Ibizan artisan Virginia Ferrer. On the narrow alleyways of Dalt Vila there are various workshops and craft shops where you will find gorgeous dresses, jewellery and souvenirs.

  • San Rafael  

The village of San Rafael is renowned for its ceramics. You will be able to buy pieces in places like Cerámica Icardi

  • San Miguel

Beside the gorgeous church of San Miguel, you will find several local shops and during the summer local crafts are showcased every Thursday.

  • Santa Gertrudis

Here you will also find several fabulous craft shops like Es Cucons or Angels Ibiza.

And finally, a special mention must be afforded to the designers of moda Adlib. This traditional fashion style is still created using traditional methods. Many of its designers have their own boutiques. We recommend visiting Charo Ruiz, Pepa Bonett, Luisa Tur, Ibimoda, Bamba Adlib, Piluca Bayarri, Luis Ferrer or Catalina Bonet.