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Discover Adlib Fashion

September 4, 2023

Adlib fashion is a world-famous typicall Ibiza fashion style that combines elegance and simplicity. The name, coined by one of its precursors, José Colomar, comes from the expression “Ad Libitum“, which means “Freedom“. The idea behind its origin is to provide women with garments that allow them to become aware of their bodies and dress with elegance, freedom and comfort. Thus, it is a casual style in which light clothes and simple accessories predominate.


When was Adlib Fashion born?

The brand was born in 1971 promoted by Fomento de Turismo and the Chamber of Commerce of Ibiza and was inspired by the traditional clothing of Ibiza, bringing in influences from all over the world. During the boom years of the hippie movement and the opening up of the island, with visitors and artists from all over the world, many were captivated by the artisanal and somewhat coarse simplicity of the local fashion. In those years when this style emerged, Yugoslavian public relations Smilja Mihailovitch, known as “Princess Smilja”, was one of its main godmothers and the author of the famous phrase that perfectly defines the essence of Adlib fashion: “Dress as you like, but do it with taste”.


What is Adlib Fashion based on?

Adlib Fashion is characterised by its artisan tailoring and its light garments made with natural fabrics and endowed with movement that highlight the female figure. The abundance of embroidery, ruffles and lace is another of its characteristics, and makes it easy to recognise this style. White is the colour par excellence of Adlib fashion, although nowadays all kinds of colours and even prints are used.

Every year, Pasarela Adlib, the big event in Ibizan fashion, is held on the island. It is a three-day event that takes place at the beginning of the summer (usually in May or June) and starts with Futur Adlib, an event that serves as a platform for new designers in this style. The second and third days are dedicated to the official fashion shows, and are attended by a large number of journalists, influencers and personalities from all over the world.


Adlib Fashion Brands

Among the consolidated designers within this trend we can name brands such as:

Charo Ruiz

Piluca Bayarri

Pepa Bonett

Beatrice San Francisco


Ibiza Stones

Ivanna Mestres

Linnea Ibiza


Virginia Vald

World Family Ibiza

Vintage Ibiza

Among them, we find today designers of women’s and men’s garments, jewellery, “espardenyes” (traditional Ibizan footwear), headdresses, accessories, wedding dresses or even “senallons”, the famous Ibizan handmade baskets that have become so popular in recent years.

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