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Discover the Most Creative Ibiza

March 4, 2023

If you are tired of always just skimming the surface when you visit somewhere new and always seeing the same tourist sites as everyone else, if you want to experience something new and enjoy an authentic experience during your trip to Ibiza, then it is time for you to discover creative tourism

What is creative tourism?

Also known as orange tourism, creative tourism is a novel way of travelling which allows you to really get to know a place by taking part in varied artistic and creative activities. The international network Creative Tourism Network of which the island is a member, is dedicated to this trend.

Creative tourism on Ibiza

Creative tourism on Ibiza has a great amount of possibilities. Most of the activities on offer consist of workshops of all kinds:

Among the multiple craft workshops on offer you can learn first-hand from local Ibizan artisans how to make pieces of jewellery out of metal (silver, bronze or copper) or the how to work with clay, leather. enamel, or learn techniques of wood decorating, fabric hand painting or macramé.

There is also a selection of food workshops on offer where you can learn from the experts how to make homemade ecological goat’s cheese or bake pan payés (the traditional Ibizan bread), or flaó (one of the Ibiza’s most famous deserts or brew craft beer or blend the popular liqueur “hierbas ibicencas”.

And in addition, you can learn about the traditional culture in different workshops like:

  • Espardenyes workshops (the typical espadrille type shoes).
  • Senallons” workshops (these are the traditional baskets with have become so fashionable in the last few years)
  • Workshops relating to popular culture or to apiculture with local producers.
  • Or choose something completely different – learning ikebana or how to make a dreamcatcher

If you are looking for something more active there are also other options, like learning basic circus skills or singing, dancing or acting in musical theatre workshops, or following several clues on a treasure Hunt which will lead you to gorgeous parts of the island. There are also different photographic workshops so you can capture and take home the best memories of your holidays on Ibiza

If you want to find out more about the creative activities and workshops on the island, check out this web