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Diverespai, Fun Fair for children and young people in Ibiza

September 4, 2023

Exploring Ibiza during Christmas turns into a magical adventure, especially when it comes to finding activities that enchant the youngest members of the family. Among the numerous options, there emerges one that stands out for its originality and fun: Diverespai, the fair for children and youth in Ibiza. This event has become a must-visit for families looking to enjoy quality time together, diving into a world of games, workshops, and shows designed to capture the imagination of children and teenagers. But what makes Diverespai so special and why should you consider it in your Ibiza holiday plan? Join us in this journey through an event that promises loads of fun and discover how Ibiza Rural Villas can be your perfect ally to experience the magic of Ibiza to the fullest.

What is Diverespai?

Imagine a space of 5,000 m² transformed into a paradise of entertainment for young people and children between 1 and 17 years old. That is Diverespai: a place where joy and creativity meet at every corner. With inflatable attractions, sports areas, video consoles, and more than 16 artistic workshops, from Nativity scene building to mandala designing and makeup sessions, Diverespai offers a wide range of activities in Ibiza designed to entertain and stimulate the minds of the youngest.

Attractions and Workshops

From the adrenaline of the inflatables to the concentration and calm required by painting, each activity at Diverespai is designed to offer a unique and memorable experience. The fair for children and youth includes sports zones where little athletes can practice basketball, football, or table tennis, fostering a spirit of sportsmanship and healthy competition. The artistic workshops invite children to unleash their creativity, learning new skills while having fun.

Innovations and Shows

Each year, Diverespai surpasses itself by adding novelties that enrich the experience. Noteworthy is the impressive 600 m² ice skating rink, accompanied by DJ music, where entire families can glide and enjoy unforgettable moments. Additionally, the show area provides daily entertainment with music, circus, magic, and storytelling performances, ensuring that each visit is unique and special.

Visit Ibiza at Christmas and enjoy Diverespai

Finding the perfect accommodation in Ibiza, especially during the high season of events like Diverespai, can be a challenge. This is where Ibiza Rural Villas shines, offering you the chance to find villas that suit all your needs, whether you’re looking for a quiet place to relax after a day full of fun or a residence near the Fairground. Moreover, with options for car rental and boat rental, Ibiza Rural Villas ensures you an unparalleled experience, allowing you to explore the island at your own pace and according to your preferences.

Live Ibiza to the Fullest with Diverespai and Ibiza Rural Villas

Diverespai offers the perfect opportunity for children and youth to explore, learn, and have fun in a safe and stimulating environment. It’s the ideal excuse to visit Ibiza during Christmas, enjoying all that the island has to offer. And with Ibiza Rural Villas, you’ll find not just a place to stay, but a home away from home, where every detail is thought out for your comfort and satisfaction.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in Ibiza, where family fun and comfort come together, look no further than Ibiza Rural Villas. With us, you can fully enjoy unique events like Diverespai, ensuring that your Ibiza holidays are as exciting as they are relaxing. Discover your stay in Ibiza with Rural Villas and make your next vacation a memory for a lifetime.