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Ferries and boats to get to Ibiza

March 20, 2023

Book a ferry or boat to go to Ibiza

Have you ever wondered what secrets Ibiza holds before the island awakes under the Mediterranean sun? The adventure begins long before setting foot on its dreamy beaches, the moment you decide how to reach this paradise. For sea and freedom lovers, traveling by ferry or boat is not just a journey; it’s an invitation to discover Ibiza from a different perspective, where the horizon meets the vibrant island life. In this post, we’ll reveal how to make your trip to Ibiza an unforgettable experience and what surprises await you by choosing this magical route.

How to go to Ibiza by ferry?

Opting for the ferry to reach Ibiza means starting your vacation with a unique maritime experience. It’s the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of the sea, with the comfort and economic advantage over the plane. Moreover, bringing your own vehicle opens up a world of possibilities to explore every corner of the island without restrictions. Baleària and Transmediterranea dominate these maritime routes, offering departures from various points of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, with affordable prices and options for everyone.

Options for traveling to Ibiza by Ferry

Traveling to Ibiza by ferry offers a unique experience, whether opting for the fast fast ferries that take you to the island in just 2 hours from points like Dénia, or for the overnight crossings that promise a night under the stars, arriving in Ibiza with the first dawn. While fast ferries are ideal for those looking for efficiency and comfort, with onboard services that make the trip more enjoyable, overnight crossings offer a more relaxed and economical experience, with accommodation options ranging from reclining seats to private cabins, suitable for all budgets. The maritime journey between Ibiza and Formentera is essential, given the lack of airport in Formentera, providing a perfect opportunity to explore this jewel of the Mediterranean with high frequencies and affordable rates. Planning your trip in advance is crucial, not only to secure your spot but also to access the best rates, especially outside the high season, where early bookings and discounts for groups or residents can make your trip even more accessible. ferry or boat to go to ibiza

How to go to Ibiza by boat

Going to Ibiza by boat is a fascinating alternative for those seeking a more personalized and flexible experience. Renting a private boat or joining an organized tour offers the freedom to explore the Ibiza coastline at your own pace, stopping at hidden coves or enjoying marine life en route to the island. Here are some tips for planning your trip:

Private Boat Rental

Renting a private boat is ideal for groups or families looking for an exclusive experience. You can choose from a wide range of options, from luxury yachts to more modest sailboats, depending on your budget and preferences. This option allows you to customize your itinerary, making stops to swim, dive, or simply enjoy the Mediterranean sun.

Organized Excursions

For those who prefer a less committed experience, organized excursions are an excellent way to enjoy the journey to Ibiza by boat. These excursions typically include stops at points of interest, water activities, and often, meals and drinks. It’s a great way to meet new people and enjoy the crossing without worries.

Ibiza Rural Villas: Your Perfect Ally in Ibiza

But what if your arrival in Ibiza could be even more special? Ibiza Rural Villas not only helps you discover the ideal stay on the island but also offers the key to unlock unique experiences that go beyond accommodation. From dream villas to boat and car rentals, everything is designed to make your trip unforgettable.

Why choose Ibiza Rural Villas?

Traveling to Ibiza is embarking on an unparalleled experience, and choosing the ferry or boat to go to Ibiza is just the beginning of what promises to be an unforgettable journey to this Mediterranean enclave. Once on the island, Ibiza Rural Villas goes beyond simply offering you a place to stay; it puts at your disposal local real estate agents with decades of experience, committed to helping you find the perfect house that is not just a property, but a home that reflects a lifestyle tailored to you. Our experts, knowledgeable about every corner of Ibiza, are ready to guide you in the search for that ideal residence, ensuring that every aspect of your stay aligns with the luxury, comfort, and exclusivity you seek, allowing you to live Ibiza not as a tourist, but as a true connoisseur of the island.

Start Your Adventure in Ibiza

Your adventure in Ibiza starts at sea and extends to every sunrise on the island. With Ibiza Rural Villas, your trip promises to be more than just a visit; it becomes an exploration of freedom, beauty, and the secrets that Ibiza has in store. We are here to make every moment, from your arrival to the last ray of sun, unforgettable. Ready to discover how far Ibiza can take you?