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Gay Bars and Gay Clubs on Ibiza

March 19, 2023

Ibiza, an island globally recognized for its vibrant nightlife and inclusive community, has established itself as a gay-friendly destination. Unlike other places, diversity freely flows here, allowing every visitor to find their ideal space. But, what makes Ibiza so special for the gay community? In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of the most emblematic gay bars and clubs on the island, showing you why Ibiza is the place where your freedom to be yourself shines the brightest. Get ready to discover everything from lively terraces and dreamy cocktail bars to iconic parties that have marked the nocturnal history of this paradise.

The Best Gay Bars and Nightclubs in Ibiza

The island of Ibiza is not only famous for its stunning landscapes and paradisiacal beaches, but also for being a vibrant center of gay nightlife. The gay area of Ibiza is music and joy, where each gay bar and club offers a unique experience. From the iconic Puerto area to the lively city streets, each establishment shines with its own light, offering everything from intimate and cozy atmospheres to spectacular parties that last until dawn. Next, we’ll explore some of the most outstanding places for the LGBTQ community in Ibiza.


Lola’s is a small club located at Calle Alfonso XII nº 9, in the basement of Angelo’s Bar. It’s a very popular venue with a large terrace and almost always free entry, also opening on winter weekends. It serves, in a way, to fill the gap left by the now-closed Ánfora nightclub, which for many years was the only specifically gay club on the island.


One of the best-known bars in the Port of Ibiza, operating for over 40 years. Located at the end of the Paseo del Puerto, it boasts a great atmosphere and a large terrace from where you can watch the parades that announce the nightclub parties. It also offers tickets to these at reduced prices.

Sod – Soap @ Dôm

Calle Alfonso XII hosts Sod – Soap @ Dôm, a vibrant terrace that becomes the stage for picturesque characters and bartenders who add a unique touch to the experience with their costumes. This place stands as an emblem of diversity and originality, also being one of the notable venues of the Ibiza Gay Pride.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa offers an experience where high-level mixology meets exceptional decor. Also located on Calle Alfonso XII, this bar invites you to dive into thematic nights accompanied by DJ sessions, in a distinguished atmosphere full of art.

Bar 22 and MAD Bar

Calle de la Virgen is synonymous with diversity and nightlife in Ibiza. Bar 22 and MAD Bar stand out in this area, offering exquisite cocktails, drag queen shows, and an unmatched atmosphere that invites you to start the night with the best energy.

Sunrise Ibiza

With very careful decoration full of fantasy, this bar located at Calle de la Virgen nº 44 is really popular and has the advantage of also opening on winter weekends, in addition to the summer season.

Chaos Bar

In the Figueretas area, at Calle Asturias nº 2, you’ll find this affordable gay bar and café with a small covered terrace that opens only in summer.


At Es Cavallet Beach, Chiringay stands as an oasis of fun and relaxation for the gay public. With over 30 years of history, this beach bar is the ideal place to enjoy a day under the sun, with good music, Mediterranean cuisine, and an unbeatable atmosphere.

La Troya

La Troya, a party with over 30 years of history, has become a symbol of inclusivity and fun in Ibiza. Although it welcomes people of all sexual orientations, it continues to be a reference point for the gay community looking to live a night of pure party and freedom.

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