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Guide to planning a wedding on Ibiza

March 20, 2023

Ibiza is one of the most romantic destinations that you will find for the wedding of your dreams. And with such idyllic landscapes and beaches as there are on the island, it makes sense that in recent years the number of weddings on Ibiza have multiplied, also likely due to the large number of celebrities who choose to  say “I do” on the White Isle.

Where to stay when getting married on Ibiza

Ibiza Rural Villas boasts a huge variety of beautiful villas throughout the island, complete with pools and all manner of amenities, where you can stay and even celebrate your wedding, or if you want something absolutely unforgettable at our luxury villas, which will make all your dreams come true. In addition, many hotels, restaurants and country venues specialize in offering you the wedding you’ve always wanted on Ibiza. These are places that come especially recommended for their charm because they are specifically adapted for weddings. You decide!

Where to do your wedding shoot on Ibiza

Ibiza offers many a picture-perfect backdrop for the best wedding photos. Cliffs such as Na Xamena or Es Cubells, beautiful pristine beaches such as Cala Comte, Cala D’hort, Es Cavallet, Punta Galera… Keep in mind that if you want a photo with a sunset view you should head to the coves and beaches on the western part of the island. Other highly recommended places to immortalize your wedding day include Dalt Vila, in the old city of Ibiza, with their impressive bastions overlooking the city, or the different watchtowers on the island, especially Torre des Savinar or Torre del Pirata, with fabulous views to the islet of Es Vedrá. And a highly-recommended option is to rent a boat for the photo shoot or for the bride and groom’s arrival at the reception by sea, for an unforgettable entrance!

What kind of ceremony do you want?

It is common knowledge that all the guests are to wear white at an Ibizan wedding. Therefore, if you do not want anyone but the bride wearing white, you are advised to make the dress code clear on your invitations. Generally, the weddings that are held on the island are Catholic, for which you will have to get in touch with the parish priest of the Church where you wish to marry, and at least one of the people getting married must be Catholic. There are plenty of churches in Ibiza, most small in size but with a lot of charm. You also have the option of getting married in the Cathedral, located in Dalt Vila. Another alternative is to have a symbolic ceremony (the majority of people choose to do both). In the latter case, your imagination is the limit, and a friend, family member or any person you choose can officiate the ceremony. In addition, there is always the option of a civil wedding in the courts (not particularly recommended for the aesthetics) or in one of the five city halls on the island.

How do I plan my wedding on Ibiza?

The best recommendation to do is leave it all in the capable hands of a wedding planner, who can advise you on every detail. Ibiza has countless such professionals dedicated to the craft and with whom you are sure to get the wedding of your dreams. Just leave it to them!

The “musts” of an Ibizan wedding

Certain details that are not to be overlooked in order to imbue your wedding with characteristic Ibizan flair include choosing the wedding dress or bridesmaids’ dresses from among the beautiful designs of Moda Adlib. Names such as Charo Ruiz, Piluca Bayarri, Ibimoda, Tony Bonet, Virginia Vald… If the venue chosen for the union is on the beach, the footwear should be light– sandals or even bare feet are perfect. Hairstyles should be kept simple, with decorations such as flower crowns. “Emprendades” are typical jewelry from Ibiza, and those designed by Elisa Pomar are some of the most well-known. As for the decorations, opt for combining natural, rustic elements with elegance, like baskets of Esparto grass, nautical motifs, candles, flowers, lanterns… Simplicity and white accents should be your principal motifs, eschew anything to ostentatious! Another detail that can make a difference in planning your wedding on Ibiza is to have a traditional folk dance performance, which you can arrange by contacting any of the “collas” of the island.