Ibiza by bike: The best routes

March 19, 2023

Ibiza is the perfect destination for cycling Its moderate climate and beautiful, gently-sloped landscapes make it an ideal location to take up cycling or to enjoy bicycle tourism routes for all fitness levels. The low season, which is between September-October and May, is ideal to enjoy bicycle tourism on Ibiza, both due to the mild temperatures and because the island is much less crowded than during the summer months.


In the 40 kilometres that separate the furthermost points of the island, there are more than 20 perfectly adapted and signposted routes that traverse gorgeous seaside or inland landscapes. In total, there are more than 700 kilometres of bicycle tourism routes on Ibiza. Sporting events such as the MTB Tour of Ibiza or the Ibiza Bicycle Tourism Tour are thriving and perfect to get to know the island by bike. The island’s councils also organise outings of different levels throughout the year.


There are four levels of difficulty in the signposted routes: easy (trails of slight gradient and 1 to 2-hour durations, marked green), moderate (around 4 hours and presenting some uneven sections, marked blue), moderate-difficult (considerable unevenness, marked red), and difficult (the most demanding kind, for experts only, marked black). Most cyclist trails on Ibiza combine road and track surfaces. Cyclists may customise their outings, making them more, or less demanding according to their physical condition and tastes. In any event, we encourage you to visit Ibiza by bike, and to do so, we bring you some of the best trails.


MTB – mountain bike trails on Ibiza

  • Port des Torrent

Easy trail grade. This trail covers 12.7 km in about 1 hour and goes past the Bay of San Antonio to Cala Comte, passing through Cala Bassa.

  • Santa Gertrudis

A circular inland route of moderate difficulty. It takes about 2 hours to cover around 30 km. The trail goes past the Es Broll water spring in Buscastell and near the Can Rich Winery.

  • Sa Capelleta

A moderate, 18.7 km circular trail that takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. It goes along the Benimussa road, the Serra chapel, the Church of San Agustínand ends at the Sa Capelleta shrine

  • Cala Jondal

A difficult, 32.3 km trail (2 hours and 20 minutes approximately) that goes through the municipality of San José, perfect for visiting some of its beaches.

  • Sa Talaia

This trail climbs Ibiza’s highest mountain Sa Talaia, perfect for enjoying the beautiful views. It is rated as difficult and covers some 38.5 km (almost 3 hours).

  • Valle de Morna

The trail is graded severe and goes through the centre of the island, passing Santa Eulalia, San Juan and San Lorenzo and unblemished natural surroundings. It takes about 3 hours to cover around 38 km.

Cycle road routes on Ibiza

  • Es Porquet

Easy route that goes through San Antonio and whose name is inspired by the annual popular race “Cursa des Porquet”. A 14 km-trail that takes around 1 hour and goes from San Antonio to Forada.

  • Es Pobles

Difficult, 67.5 km route (almost 5 hours) that goes through the villages of San Miguel, San Lorenzo, Santa Gertrudis, San Mateo, San Antonio and Corona.

  • Es Plans

A difficult route that is perfect for enjoying the famous blooming almond trees during the months of January and February. It takes just over 3 hours to cover around 45.6 km.