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Tourism in Ibiza, not just partying, sun and beaches…

April 6, 2023

Ibiza is characterized by a nice climate, which is a constant during the whole year and the temperature is normally mild. In February, the almond trees are in blossom and cover the island with their beautiful white flowers. Especially, in the valley of Santa Ines. The green spaces, abundant woods and the beautiful countryside where largely responsible for seducing the visitors of the island. The numerous hills, plains and prairies create an ecological setting, where the tourists enjoy de authenticity, wildness and beauty created by the local peasant farmers, who have been cultivating and preserving the countryside for centuries. In spring, the island becomes a real spectacle for the eyes for its particular colour, beauty and light.  The natural park of Las Salinas is an area with a high index of biodiversity. The hilly coastal range of Es Amunts-situated in the north part of the island-, Cala d’Hort, Ses Feixes and the plains of Santa Ines and San Mateo are some other natural spaces of great ecological value. Ibiza is plenty of pines, but we can also see other species like the juniper, olive and carob tree, some of these are centuries old. Concerning to the crop trees we find: the almond tree, the algarrobo tree (local specie), olive tree and fig tree, part of the autochthonous landscape and history of the island. If we talk about flowers, the most common ones are: daisies, poppies, small orchid and many other wild flowers.

Many travelers describe their arrival to Eivissa by boat as something very special. The access by sea gives us an incredible view of the old town, Dalt Vila, which emerges from behind the little picturesque houses. The little narrow streets of La Marina end in the old market ( Mercat Vell ) which is located between the quarter of Sa Penya and the main entrance to the walled city of Dalt Vila. Portal de Ses Taules is a direct access to the old town, which goes to the beautiful patio, known as Patio de Armas and the square of Plaza de la Vila, where an oasis of original restaurants and shops can be found. If we continue uphill we reach the square La plaza de Sa Carrossa, the town council and the Cathedral. Afterwards, on the way down we go through Ronda Calvi, leaving behind the walled enclosure we arrive to the park Reina Sofia and the main avenue Vara de Rey. During this route we will discover the colonial architecture in buildings like Hotel Montesol or some other places to relax, such as Plaza del Parque, very frequented by the locals.

Every summer in the old city Ibiza celebrates a three-day Jazz Music Festival, called “Eivissa Jazz” that congregates many jazz groups coming from all over the world. The famous Frenchafrican singer Mina Agossi and the Spanish Abe Rábade and Perico Sambeat were part of the long list of artists who, since 1987, performed in the beautiful scenery of Dalt Vila’s bastion Santa Lucia. Some legendary concerts of “Eivissa Jazz” have been the ones of Didier Lockwood (1988), The Blues Brothers Band (1991), Tete Montoliu (1993), Phil Woods (1998), Elvin Jones (1999), Branford Marsalis (2001), Dee Dee Bridgewater and Jerry Gonzalez (2002)or Avishai Cohen (2005), just to name a few internationally famous jazz figures.

On the other hand and also in the old town, the cloister of the Town Council of Ibiza celebrates a contest of opera and classical music. The opera festival, called “Noches de Opera” (Opera nights), is a proposal that congregates arias, duets and trios in the cloister. “Musica en los Castillos” is another program of music concerts held in Dalt Vila. Another important music contest is the International Piano Festival and Constest of San Carlos that welcomes pianist coming from all over the world. Moreover, the Symphony Orchestra of Ibiza, the conservatoire and the Town Council of Santa Eulalia and San Antonio, together with the choral groups of the island offer many concerts regularly, and also “Nits de Tanit”.