Beaches in Ibiza

Ibiza’s hidden corners

October 4, 2023

Ibiza is known the world over for its crystal-clear water beaches to rival those of the Caribbean and its endless partying. That being said, the Isla Blanca – or White Island – also boasts countless ravishingly beautiful natural enclaves and charming spots just waiting to be discovered. Would you like to explore some of Ibiza’s hidden corners?

Torre des Savinar:

One of the best snapshots you’ll take of the famous, magnetic islet of Es Vedrá – of which many legends are told – is from the nearby Es Savinar fortified tower, popularly known as Torre del Pirata, or Pirate’s Tower. It is very close to Cala d’Hort, and may be accessed by following a path you’ll find when descending to the bay beach, to your left. In addition to the spectacular sunsets, visitors will marvel at the spirals of rock made to supposedly capture the powerful energies that are meant to be present in the area.


Sa Pedrera:

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Best-known by the locals as “Atlantis”, this old quarry is located opposite the Es Vedrà islet, near Cala d’Hort, and it constitutes one of the best-loved spots among Ibiza’s climbing enthusiasts. Here is where the majority of the marés (a building material) used to build the walls of Dalt Vila was extracted, so the cuts and strange structures of the rocks confer the place a peculiar kind of beauty. Additionally, the waves fill the gorgeous natural swimming pools formed by the cuts.


Ses Fontanelles:


This cave is also known as the Cova des Vi (Wine cave) due to having been a winery, and it also has cave paintings dating back to the Bronze Age. It is located near Cala Salada, and to reach it, visitors must follow a beautiful hike with views of the entire San Antonio coastline from above, as it is some 50 metres above sea level.


Cala d’en Serra:

In the north of the island, along the road that starts in Portinatx, is Cala d’en Serra, one of Ibiza’s lesser-known bay beaches. To access it, visitors must follow the trail that goes past an abandoned hotel which was used as the setting for an amazing parkour video. The bay beach has beautiful turquoise waters and a beach bar to eat in peace.


Cala Llentia monument:

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Cirque du Soleil creator and island resident Guy Laliberté is one of the owners of Heart Ibiza; he also sponsored this monument which is located very near his mansion and was designed by Australian artist Andrew Rogers. The installation includes 12 basalt dolmens surrounding a taller one, representing the alignment of the planets around the sun.


Sa Penya Esbarrada:

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In the Santa Inés’ Pla de Corona area – which is known for its blooming almond trees in the winter – is this small archaeological site from the Muslim era that, despite its lack of importance in itself, is located in one of the island’s most beautiful locations, so it merits an enjoyable excursion that visitors may finish at the nearby Las Puertas del Cielo restaurant.


The old Santa Eulalia bridge:

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Up until the construction of the new bridge in 1918, this used to be the main entrance to Santa Eulalia. Currently, it is a footpath that has been integrated into the River Route, which runs along a lovely river walk from the Can Planetes interpretation centre – a beautiful old payés house with a windmill that is open for visitation – to the river mouth at the beach.


Es Trull de Can Andreu:

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If you are interested in delving deeper into Ibiza’s culture and traditions, San Carlos boasts a 17th century beautiful payés house featuring one of the few remaining “trulls” (oil mills) that are still standing on the island. Arts and crafts markets and other activities are occasionally organised there.


Cueva des Culleram Cave:

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Near the San Vicente bay beach is this Punic sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Tanit, one of the island’s most important deities. Bronze age remains were found in it, it is currently open to the public and many visitors continue to bring offerings for Tanit.


The Pla de Albarca and Cala Albarca area:

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The picturesque village of San Mateo offers gorgeous landscapes of olive and almond trees, vines and vegetable patches. Also in the area are the Sa Cova and Can Maymó wineries, which offer guided visits and tastings, as well as Cala Albarca, one of the most inaccessible beaches on the island, which visitors may reach only by hiking along breath-taking cliffs.