Beaches in Ibiza

Ibiza’s secret coves and beaches

October 4, 2023

Like all Good islands Ibiza has an abundance of bays and beaches to suit all tastes, however, in summer many fill up because of the number of tourists. Therefore we want to share this brief guide to a few beaches which, because they are less known about or are hard to get to, makes them perfect places to chill, to unwind and to recharge batteries surrounded by nature.  Discover Ibiza’s secret coves and beaches with us.

Cala Llentrisca

This is a small pebbly beach measuring about 100 metres where you are likely to find dried posidonia leaves. Keep in mind that as it nestles hidden under low cliffs it does not get the sun in the afternoon. There is neither bar nor amenities but there are a few fishermen’s huts. To get there you need to go to  Es Cubells and then follow the road left past the church to the residential area Los Parques de Es Cubells. After leaving your car you will still have to walk another 800 metres along a seaside track.


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Cala Aubarca

Despite being under 3 kms from the village of San Mateo the walk to Cala Aubarca (or Cala d’Albarca) Will take you about 40-45 minutes. If you are looking for unspoilt nature, this the beach for you, but please keep in mind that you won’t find any bars or houses nearby and that the shore has been almost entirely covered by huge rocks which have fallen from the cliffs over the years. Nonetheless the scenery is spectacular, ideal for those who love stillness and birdwatching as the likes of the Leonora falcon nest on the sides of the cliffs.


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Sa Figuera Borda

This place cannot really be called a cove, but it is an authentic natural monument, an arch in the rock which houses a few fishermen’s huts, and which has amazing sunset views with the island of s’Espartar in the background. We advise you take water shoes as it is rocky underfoot. To get there, follow the coast southwards from the Cala Conta carpark for 20-30 minutes. There are steps down to the sea where you can swim.


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Es Caló de s’Illa 

This is a tiny cove, barely 30 metres long in the north of the island near San Juan, also known as “Moon Beach”. Very few people visit, it usually has a lot of dried posidonia leaves on the shore and the Waters are transparent. It is an ideal place for snorkelling. To the right there are a few fishermen’s huts. To get there you need to follow the signs on the road from San Juan to Portinatx. After parking you Will still have to walk a bit to reach the cove which of course has no bars nor other services.


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Racó de ses Dones 

This is a tiny cove which is quite hard to get to. It owes its name to the fact that it used to be a beach just for women (Dones). With barely 20 metres of sand it is located between Aguas Blancas  and Es Figueral. To find it you first need to find a hole which has been dug under the natural monolith Es Paller d’en Camp (between Figueral and Aguas Blancas)


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Es Pas de s’Illa 

This is a curious narrow stretch of sand and rocks which links the Port of San Miguel with Illa den Bosc, a small private island with an impressive mansion. Access to the island is forbidden but you can swim and sunbathe on the small bay with its fishermen’s huts. To get there, head for the Port of San Miguel and before you reach it, take the turn off towards Na Ximena. After about 900 metres you will see a dirt track to the right which you follow to the end.

Sa Pedrera de Cala d’Hort 

Known to most tourists by the nickname “Atlantis” this place of exceptional beauty has become growingly popular over the last few years. Nonetheless, as it is difficult to get there is has remained relatively unspoilt. This is because to reach it you must descend (and later climb back up) a pretty steep sandy path. It used to be a sand stone quarry which created the unusual landscape made up of several natural pools lending the place a special charm. Head for Cala HYPERLINK “https://ibizaruralvillas.compost/cala-d-hort”dHYPERLINK “https://ibizaruralvillas.compost/cala-d-hort”’HYPERLINK “https://ibizaruralvillas.compost/cala-d-hort”Hort but take a dirt track to the left before you get there.


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Punta Galera 

This is a small cove made up of flat slabs of rock which are quite comfortable. It is popular with nudists and divers however it is quite difficult to find if you don’t know the way as it isn’t signposted. To get there, head towards Cala Salada and take a turn off to the left before you arrive. Bear in mind that it is advisable to take a good pair of shoes for the descent.