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The best lighthouses on Ibiza and where to find them

October 4, 2023

Ibiza’s strategically-located lighthouses are mostly no longer in use, but as you probably know, they were once used to guide navigators approaching the island’s irregular coastline during the night. Lighthouses are beautiful, peculiar constructions that were usually located above the lighthouse keeper’s dwellings. Although many are not accessible on foot, they are located in singular surroundings on the coast, making them highly recommendable to visit. Funnily enough, most lighthouses on Ibiza – especially the ones that are still operative – are to be found on islets around the island: Conillera, Ses Bledes, Es Vedrà, the dels Penjats islet and Tagomago.

The best lighthouses on the island

Faro de Es Botafoc

This beautiful white 31-metre tower was inaugurated in 1861, and it’s found at the end of the seafront promenade in Ibiza Town. It rises above the islet of Botafoc, where bonfires used to be lit to guide approaching vessels before the existence of a lighthouse. The views of the port and Dalt Vila make for a pleasant walk at dusk.

Faro del Puerto de Ibiza

Although it was originally built as a lighthouse, it is currently used as an entrance beacon to the Port of Ibiza – which is why the top part is painted red, indicating port side to welcome and bid farewell to travellers arriving by sea. It is very easily accessed – visitors may reach it by just taking a pleasant stroll in the port.

Faro de Moscater

It is located in Portinatx. Perhaps on account of the fact that visiting it in the coast near Portinatx constitutes a worthwhile excursion, it is probably the most famous lighthouse. It was built at the beginning of the 70s, and its 52-metre height makes it one of Spain’s tallest.

Faro de Punta Grossa

It was inaugurated in 1870, but it had to be closed in 1916 when they realised that the ideal location in terms of maritime safety was the islet of Tagomago – where another lighthouse was then built. Although it is totally abandoned, visitors may access it by parking in the Sant Vicent bay beach, and then bordering the coast heading north along a beautiful – but quite hard – route. It is located in San Juan.

Faro de Ses Coves Blanques

The lighthouse is located in Paseo de Ses Variades (San Antonio), which is famous for its views of the sunset. It is currently a museum and hosts exhibitions throughout the year; additionally, it is easily accessed on foot and has nearby parking areas.

Faro de Tagomago

It is located in this beautiful islet in Ibiza’s north east and may only be accessed by boat, although it is worth noting that Tagomago is privately owned, so you may only be able to admire it from the sea.

Faro des Vedrà

Due to its steep location in the famous islet of Es Vedrà, to the west of Ibiza, it continues to be telecontrolled. It is quite hard to access, and in any event, visitors will need a boat to get there.

Faro de Sa Conillera

A beautiful, round-shaped lighthouse located on the Sa Conillera islet, opposite the famous Cala Comte. Accessible only by sea.

Faro de Na Bleda Plana

It is the westernmost lighthouse on the Balearic Islands. Although it was conceived as a beacon, it was turned into a lighthouse in 1967, and is only accessible by sea.

Faro des Penjats

It is located in the Penjats islet, very close to the port of Ibiza, and may only be accessed by sea.

If you have not done so yet, we recommend you see the sunset from one of the island’s lighthouses to experience the spectacular views.