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The best snorkelling and scuba diving on Ibiza

March 20, 2023

Together with its temperate climate and transparent waters, Ibiza’s 200 kilometre coastline and more than 70 beaches make it an ideal location for diving. Snorkelling conditions on Ibiza are outstanding, especially between June and October, when temperatures average more than 20º and the water is warm (around 28º in the summer and about 14º in the winter) and has excellent visibility.

The best diving locations on Ibiza

Any one of Ibiza’s beaches and bay beaches offer outstanding conditions for scuba diving. Nevertheless, let’s not forget that rock bottoms are always best for diving. Because of this, and also due to not being as busy, the northern part of the island is ideal for snorkelling. There you will find some of the best bay beaches for scuba diving, like Cala Xarraca, Cala d’en Serra, S’Illot des Renclí, Cala Xuclà, Portinatx and Cala Mastella. That being said, there are numerous other beaches and bay beaches on the island that offer great snorkelling conditions, including Cala MolíCala CarbóCala CodolarCala OliveraPorroigSa Caleta and Punta Galera, which is also ideal for watching the sunset.

Renting a boat and spending the day out at sea is also a great alternative for enjoying an unforgettable diving experience on Ibiza. Almost all vessels are equipped with goggles, snorkels and flippers you may use to explore the seabed, and many also offer stand up paddle surf boards, wake boards, bananas, etc.

What to see during your dives

The proliferation of Posidonia oceanica grants the waters of Ibiza and Formentera their unique transparency, to which the islands owe much of their fame and popularity. This plant acts as a natural purifier of sorts, which has earned it UNESCO World Heritage classification. More than 400 plant species and over 1,000 animal species inhabit the posidonia prairies, which makes submarine life highly diverse and colourful.

Divers in Ibiza’s waters may expect to see sea urchins, crabs, stingrays, groupers, octopuses, lobsters, jellyfish, moray eels, sea breams, cuttlefish, mackerels, scorpion fish and large schools of barracuda. With a little more luck, turtles or swordfish might also be spotted, and it is not uncommon to see dolphins while on a boat.

There is also no shortage of reefs, marine caves, islets, etc. on Ibiza. One of the most famous diving spots on Ibiza is the Don Pedro wreckage, which is a boat that sank in 2007 near the port in Ibiza town. She lies at a depth of 46 metres and has become highly attractive for this kind of tourism. Another highlight is Formentera’s old fish farm, which collapsed in a storm 20 years ago and has huge columns that plunge 35 metres below, and 11 metres above sea level. Another favourite spot for divers is the lighthouse, an impressive reef located in the east coast where numerous barracudas may be spotted. If you would like to go diving on Ibiza, we recommend dropping by one of the numerous diving centres available to request information.