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The historical old town of Ibiza

September 19, 2023

The old town of Ibiza or Dalt Vila (which translate as” High Town”) is an absolute must see when you are on the island. Here you will be able to enjoy some wonderful panoramic views of the city. It is an absolute joy to stroll through the alleyways which are steeped in history and beauty and wind through this place which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site 1999. It is important to wear comfortable shoes as the sometimes steep and narrow streets can be quite tricky to navigate and pretty slippery on rainy days. If you are planning to visit the old town we also recommend that you avoid the hottest part of the day.


How to get to Dalt Vila

There are various ways of entering Dalt Vila with its 5 different entrances. One option is via the Portal Nou, beside the Parque de Reina Sofia. This entrance takes you through a stone tunnel to the Plaza del Sol. However it is probably more advisable to take the main entrance located opposite the Old Market, the impressive Portal de Ses Taules flanked by two impressive statues.

Once you have walked up the ramp and crossed the drawbridge you will enter the Patio de Arms (the Armoury) where there are often buskers or craftspeople selling their wares, and then onto the Plaza de Vila with its romantic restaurants and quaint shops.

If you ascend  through any of the alleyways leading from this square you will arrive at the Church of Saint Mary of the Snows, Ibiza’s Cathedral, built in the 13th century on the site of an ancient mosque. From here you can enjoy some beautiful views. The fortified wallswere built in the 16th century by edict of the Spanish king Phillip II in order to protect the city and its inhabitants fron the constant attacks from the sea.

How to best enjoy the World Heritage Site

The best way to discover the hidden corners, the history and the legends of the heritage site is to take a guided tour with an oficial guide.

Every Sunday, all year round and on Tuesdays during the summer IBIZA FREETOURS offers  tours in Spanish. During the summer tours are also available in English.

If you wish to enjoy a private and personalised tour, with your family or Friends by night or day, the best way it to hire an oficial guide from AC Tourist Guide Service. They offer tours in various languages and also offer electric scooters to cater for people with reduced mobility. For more information call 34 690 000 183

WALKING IBIZA also offers private and community walks around Dalt Vila as well as twice weekly guided food tours in English.

If you are looking for a different way of experiencing Dalt Vila, why not take a bike tour with and oficial guide. Tours available in various languages:

Another really entertaining and interesting way to get to know the old town is by joining a Theatrical Visito f Dalt Vila. You will go back in time and see how the townsfolk used t olive when the walls were being build. The explanations will help you to understand what live was like in a Renaissance society. Tours are in Spanish. For more information visit


What can we find in Dalt Vila?

Some of the most important museums of the island are located in Dalt Vila

A gamut of cultural and other events are also held in Dalt Vila due to the exceptional beauty of the location. The Ibiza Medieval Fair (second weekend in May), the Ibiza Jazz Festival, the closing party of the International Music Summit, The “Sueños de Libertad” festival as well as numerous open air cinema screenings are but a few.