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Transport on Ibiza, how to move around the island

March 20, 2023

Ibiza is a small island, so it is easy to travel around it to get to know it in depth. Take into account that, for instance, going from one end of the island to the other could take you just 45 minutes. That being said, public transport could be improved – to say the least – and many of the interesting spots are quite far from each other, so especially if you are only here for a few days, you should plan how to get around. We bring you a number of different options to move around on Ibiza.


Although there are different means of transport available to move around on Ibiza, the best way of getting to know it comfortably is by renting a vehicle. Many companies offer airport pick-up and drop-off, which is the best alternative in terms of price and comfort, as you will be saving on the transfer shuttle to your accommodation. Renting a car is usually the best option, as not having to stick to timetables allows you to organise your travelling comfortably and with flexibility, and also to carry your things. However, you must take into account that they charge for parking at many of the – usually packed – beaches; also, in the summer months it could be tricky to park in certain areas. A rental bike has certain advantages, but also some inconveniences when compared to a car. Travelling by motorbike allows you to avoid parking problems and traffic jams, which are more and more frequent in certain areas during the summer. However, due to the humidity, evenings on Ibiza can be crisp even during the summer, so travelling by motorbike at night could be prove quite uncomfortable. Also it is slightly more dangerous, both because the roads are a little more slippery due to the humidity and because of the higher risk of accidents.

Public transport on Ibiza

There is no tube, trains or trams on Ibiza. The only alternative to rentals for moving around the island are taxis and buses.


There are 34 bus lines on the island, most of which leave from or finish in Ibiza, San Antonio or Santa Eulalia. The network of buses is not very developed, so there are many spots that are not connected, and you might have a hard time getting from one place to the other, having to change buses. They are not cheap compared to mainland Spain, and they are not exactly punctual, due to which standing around waiting for them could be a waste of your precious holiday time.

Nevertheless, there is a perfect option for going out partying in the evening: the Discobus. The Discobus connects the island’s main clubs with the tourist areas between 00:00 and 06:30, and it is a safe, cheap and fun way of going out without having to worry about driving.


Another option is to move around by taxi. In Ibiza, taxis operate on a metre system; they are white and have a coloured stripe that indicates the municipality to which they belong. They normally only pick up passengers at the taxi ranks, where the queues are normally very long. Although seasonal licences are granted during the summer season, demand is normally high, so at peak hours it could be hard to stop one. Because of this, “pirate taxis” that do not have licences and are on the hunt for tourists who they take for a fixed price have thrived. It is neither recommended nor safe to use this system. There is no Uber or Cabify on Ibiza yet.

Whilst on the island, you can also do some trips by boat. From renting a boat to discovering Ibiza’s numerous beaches and bay beaches to using the “Aqua bus”, that joins places like Talamanca and Ibiza’s port, Figueretas and Playa d’en Bossa or San Antonio and the Bay of San Antonio. It is neither the quickest nor the most practical method of travel, but it is well worth trying because of the views and the ride itself. Additionally, traveling by ferry is the only way of visiting the neighbouring Formentera.