Restaurants in Ibiza

Where to go for tapas on Ibiza. Tapas bars and restaurants on Ibiza.

March 15, 2023

Just like in so many other places, going out for tapas on Ibiza is becoming increasingly popular. Having tapas and pinchos* is a varied, appetizing and fun way of trying and tasting a wide range of culinary creations in a smaller format. You can find excellent tapas bars and restaurants all over the island even in the picturesque corners, in the middle of nature or by the sea. An example, Can Tixedó, located in the heart of the countryside at Forada near Santa Inés is one of the residents’ favourite tapas bar as it also holds art exhibitions, concerts and other events. The pop-up restaurant El Clodenis, located in an impressive villa just beside the church of San Rafael opens in summer to offer an original and Avant-guard cuisine. The spacious Surf Lounge in San Antonio with the only artificial wave to be found on the island offers a choice of tapas as well as hamburgers, pizzas, etc. Re Art, located in the centre of Ibiza town, is a project of the chef David Reartes who has added his creative touch to the traditional tapas bar. In fact, most of the bars and restaurants in Ibiza offer tapas, i.e. portions smaller than usual. There are many inspired by Spanish or local Ibicencan cuisine as well as ever increasing  varied options from other regions.

If you want to follow the pinchos route around Ibiza it is important to note that the best day is Thursday. Ahead of the weekend many of the bars, especially in Ibiza town offer a rich array of pinchos to encourage people to come out for a drink – usually between 8.00pm and midnight.

The island of Ibiza also organises regular competitions and gastronomic events where you can enjoy rich and varied morsels. Some of the most popular are el Pintxa San Antonio (in spring), Cañas’n’Roll, San José (in autumn) or Rutapa, Santa Eulalia (November-December). In addition, there are numerous gastronomical fairs dedicated to seafood: The Feria del Calamar, San Carlos (squid), the Feria del Gerret, Santa Eulalia (gerret is a local fish), Feria de la Langosta, San Antonio (lobster), Festival Gastronómico de la Sepia, San Juan (cuttlefish)…

And here you have a list by area which includes some of the restaurants you can visit to enjoy delicious tapas and pinchos. Bon profit!

Tapas and pinchos around Ibiza town:

If you fancy going out for tapas or following a pincho route it is probably best to do so in Ibiza town. Here you can find loads of tapas bars and restaurants the likes of:

  1. Can Terra

  2. La Bodega

  3. Mar a Vila

  4. El Zaguán

  5. Can Moreta

  6. Bide Bide

  7. La Cava

  8. Sa Vida

  9. Pintxos Ibiza

  10. Ses Canyes


Tapas and pinchos around Santa Eulalia:

There are great choices for going out for a drink and snack in Santa Eulalia. Like the vermouth bar, Lamonda, the beer specialists, as well as Quintana, Sal i Reïm, El Nido, where there is often live music, Tape-Arte, Passatemps Nou Ibiza, Es Celleret, Can Cosmi, La Gloria

  1. Lamonda

  2. Quintana

  3. Sal i Reïm

  4. El Nido

  5. Tapa-Arte

  6. Passatemps Nou Ibiza 

  7. Es Celleret

  8. Can Cosmi

  9. La Gloria

 Tapas in San José:

Racó Verd with its amazing terrace is one of your best options. It is located right beside the traditional Can Bernat Vinya. The entire village is a great for tapas with places like Destino, Es Galliner, No te Olvides de Acordarte…

  1. Can Bernat Vinya

  2. Destino

  3. Es Galliner

  4. No te Olvides de Acordarte

 Tapas in San Antonio:

Right in the town centre you’ve got 45 Millas, run by chef Alberto Torres, and there are others like Can Gust, Can Guillamó, Kantaun, Boulevard Café, Tapas Restaurante, Café Cervantes, Taberna Cebo

  1. 45 Millas

  2. Can Gust

  3. Can Guillmaó

  4. Kantaun

  5. Boulevard Café

  6. Tapas Restaurante

  7. Café Cervantes 

  8. Taberna Cebo