Booking Conditions

FIRST – That IBIZA RURAL VILLAS, a real estate services company, represented by Punia Laksmi-Blessing, SL, formalizes this lease contract on behalf of the lessor.

SECOND – The rental price is the one indicated above and is set according to the number of places, characteristics and equipment of the leased property.

The formalization of the reservation is for the number of places indicated in the background, for a number of places per property greater than the number of beds with which it is equipped, and provided that the characteristics of the property and the regulations applicable to the case allow it, they will suppose the charge a supplement for each extra bed.

THIRD – FORMALIZATION OF RESERVATIONS: IBIZA RURAL VILLAS will send an email to those interested in formalizing a lease on the property offered, a copy of the lease, accompanied by the general conditions. From that moment the interested party has a period of between 3 to 5 days maximum* (depending on the reserved dates and/or the conditions stipulated by each house) to proceed to confirm their reservation by the following system by sending an email to IBIZA RURAL VILLAS the next documentation:

  1. a) Receipt, expressive of the date and bank, accrediting the deposit in the current account of IBIZA RURAL VILLAS of 50% of the total amount of the reservation to be formalized.
  2. b) Signed lease agreement
  3. c) Copy of ID / passport

Once the reservation has been formalized, IBIZA RURAL VILLAS will proceed to confirm it by EMAIL, at which time the reservation is considered firm and the preventions of condition 15 regarding cancellation expenses will apply.

(*) Except for last minute reservations (those made less than TWO WEEKS in advance will be considered as such) in which the reservation confirmation period will be TWO DAYS.

FOURTH – MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY – The tenant undertakes at all times to respect the maximum number of occupants with which the reservation was made, therefore, in no case will the stipulated number increase.

When the regulations allow greater occupancy than agreed, the number may be increased with the express consent of the property and paying an extra that will be charged from the deposit.

In the event that greater occupancy is not allowed, non-compliance by the tenant will lead to the termination of the contract, loss of the deposit and evacuation of the dwelling.

FIFTH – DEPOSIT: The tenant is responsible for any damage or loss that occurs in the property and its contents during its occupation, as well as for the payment of the damages caused, which will be deducted from the deposit.

The tenant has a period of 24 HOURS from the entry, to ensure the good condition of the leased property and to inform IBIZA RURAL of the existence of any flaw or damage in the house unrelated to him.

The Deposit will be returned by Ibiza Rural Villas within 14 days, once the property has been inspected and verified that everything has been left in correct conditions as the house was delivered to the tenant.

If the damage deposit is paid in cash or by bank transfer, you will need to provide your bank account details to facilitate a refund. Payment by credit card will incur 2% bank commission fee that will be paid by the tenant.

The joint liability of the tenants is not limited to the amount of the damage deposit. A damage deposit claim will be resolved and settled with Ibiza Rural Villas acting on behalf of the owner.

In any case, the following charges may be deducted from the deposit:

.- Loss of keys to the property will incur a charge of €150.

– For stained, destroyed or lost bath or pool towels will be charged €50 per towel.

– Staying at the property after 10:00 am without prior notice on the day of deprture will incur €250 charge.

– If, at the end of the rental dirty dishes/glasses are left in the kitchen, you will be charged €50 and if rubbish bags are left inside or outside the property, a charge of €100 will be made.

SIXTH – CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT TIMES: The lease will run from 4:00 p.m. on the day of commencement until 10:00 a.m. on the last day of stay, when the keys must be returned to IBIZA RURAL VILLAS. To optimize the service, it is essential to fill in the arrival times and systems contained in the form.

For all clients who arrive at night after 20:00hrs and have the right to check-in to the accommodation inmediately, we request that they inform us as son as possible so that we can give them the arrival information such a directions to the property, instructions for key collection, as well as to ensure that the reservation is 100% paid and that you have facilitated the payment of the damage deposit. A member of our team will contact you the following morning to coordinate your departure time and any other questions you may have, we will be happy to help you.

If you prefer one of our local staff to accompany you to the property out of office hours (after 20h), there is an additional charge of €100 euros. This service should be arranged at least 1 week prior to arrival. It is also possible to arrange a transfer service from the airport (tariff varies depending on area).

SEVENTH – Ibiza Rural Villas and the owner of the house are exempt from any liability for injuries, death and other damages that the occupants of the rented house may suffer, when these are due to their own negligence or misuse of the house, case fortuitous or force majeure.

Ibiza rural villas and the property, are not responsible for the breakdown of mechanical equipment and/or lack of public services such as water -including that which comes from a water well that feeds the house-, electricity and gas, when this occurs for reasons beyond the control of the property. The owner and Ibiza Rural Villas are not responsible for any inconvenience that this may cause beyond our control.

EIGHTH – DAMAGE AND REPAIRS. The owner undertakes to solve any breakage, damage and/or repair, replace any malfunctioning or damaged appliance, as well as solve any problem related to water and electricity. The owner will assume the payment of the economic compensation that could be derived, where appropriate, in favor of the tenant, for the lack of essential supplies in the home or replacement of any of the services offered and included in the rent.

NINTH – Children must be accompanied and supervised at all times by an adult, especially in the pool and its surroundings

TENTH – Ibiza Rural Villas and the owner recommend the renter take out travel insurance to protect them and their valuables. Ibiza Rural Villas and the owner do not assume any responsibility for the valuables of the tenant/client. They should be careful to protect all their valuables, as property insurance does not protect valuables, including those in the property safe if there is one.

ELEVENTH – Pets are not allowed in the leased property without written permission from the owner.

TWELFTH – The owner reserves the right to make changes to some specifications of the property in terms of furniture, accessories, or facilities, so that the differences that may exist in the photographs / illustrations / texts used will not entail responsibility.

THIRTEENTH – It is strictly forbidden to hold social events and/or events such as weddings, receptions, cocktails, large parties that may cause inconvenience to the neighbors, without the prior consent of the owner. In no case may the house be used for parties or events for commercial purposes.

A permit is required for any event attended by twice the number of people or more than the number of people staying in the rental property.

Permission to hold the event will carry an additional charge to be determined at the time.

The violation of this clause will be considered a breach of contract and may lead to the loss of the Deposit and the immediate departure of the rented property without any compensation.

Music and sounds between 10 p.m. and 9 a.m. must not exceed 45 decibels, the decibel limit established by Spanish law. The tenant will respond and will be responsible for paying any fines and/or penalties that the authorities may impose as a result of the violation of the regulations regarding noise and disturbance.

FOURTEENTH – OTHER EXPENSES: Expenses incurred by the lessee as a result of the supply of water and electricity shall be understood to be included in the price, unless otherwise indicated. Not so those of heating, telephone or others. The inclusion of any other services in the price will be previously agreed upon.

FIFTEENTH – CANCELLATIONS: The tenant may terminate the lease, but this will entail cancellation fees that must be paid to IBIZA RURAL VILLAS.

Cancellation costs will be applied to the total amount of the agreed lease and will be quantified in accordance with the following:

A) If the cancellation occurs four weeks or less in advance of the start of the lease, the cancellation fees will be 100% of the amount of the reservation.

B) If the cancellation occurs six weeks or less in advance of the start of the lease, the cancellation fees will be 50% of the amount of the reservation.

C) If the cancellation occurs eight weeks or less in advance of the start of the lease, the cancellation fees will be 25% of the amount of the reservation.

D) Cancellation free of charge (except administrative costs), more than eight weeks in advance and written notification via Email.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, once the cancellation of a reservation is confirmed, in order not to have to charge cancellation fees, the lessor will try to assign the property to another reservation with the same rental period or part of it if it were not everything possible. And if none of this is possible, cancellation fees will accrue in accordance with the above.

E) Regardless of the above, any cancellation will incur a charge of 200 euros for administrative expenses.

SIXTEENTH – NON-COMPLIANCE AND ABANDONMENT: In the event of a claim by the property to the tenant, IBIZA RURAL VILLAS will provide you with the precise data of the latter so that you can make the corresponding claim.

Once the lease has started, the abandonment or renunciation of the leased property by the client and without just cause determines the extinction of all right to reimbursement.

SEVENTEENTH- ALTERATION OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE RESERVATION: In the event that the dwelling object of the contract could not be offered due to force majeure or causes beyond the control of the property, the tenant may choose between the resolution of the contract with return of 100% of the reservation or, the relocation in another house similar in characteristics and location to the one offered.

In this case, if the substitution of the dwelling for another analogous one entails an extra cost, this will be assumed by the tenant.

EIGHTEENTH – CONFLICT RESOLUTION – The conflicts or litigious issues that may arise between the parties, agree to submit, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond, to the Jurisdiction of the Courts of Ibiza.