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What to do on the Night of San Juan in Ibiza

March 20, 2023

Celebrate la Noche de San Juan (St. John’s Eve), the shortest and most magical night of the year, in Ibiza and you’re guaranteed to experience something unforgettable. June 23rd is a night to go out and celebrate the beginning of summer, with a mind on change, renewal, and leaving behind that which no longer serves you. There are many rituals that accompany the Nit de Sant Joan, but the main one is without a doubt the lighting of bonfires, which serve as a purifying force, doing away with the old and outdated and opening up possibilities for resurgence and a fresh start.


Noche de San Juan’s rituals and traditions

One of the rituals of this special night involves drawing up a wish list and burning it in the traditional bonfires or “fogueros”, saying your wishes inside your head as you jump over the fires. Another one is going for a swim right at midnight at one of the beautiful beaches of Ibiza. Don’t miss out on the famous “macarrones de Sant Joan”, a typical Ibizan sweet similar to rice pudding but made with pasta instead.


Planning your Noche de San Juan in Ibiza

If you’re in Ibiza on the Noche de San Juan, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to choose from plenty of activities that will draw you out to enjoy a night under the stars. One of the most traditional ways to spend the festival is in the picturesque village of Sant Joan, in the north of the island, which will be celebrating the feast of its patron saint. Every year at the plaza they set up nine large “fogueros” over which everyone, old and young, takes turns jumping one after another. There will also be an artisan market, a concert by Mayor Tom, a marionette parade, a ritual for the four elements, and, starting at midnight, a big party with music from the 60s, 70s and 80s with Javi Box & The Selectors, complete with light shows and good vibes.

The City Council of Ibiza organizes activities and concerts on the beaches of Talamanca, Figueretas, and Ses Figueres, each with their own bonfires. In Talamanca, the festival starts at 20:30 hrs with servings of macarrones de Sant Joan and a performance by Ricky and the Latinos. In Ses Figueres the group Contra Band will be performing. And in the Plaza de Figueretas starting at 20:30 hrs there will be workshops and games for kinds, musical entertainment, servings of macarrones de San Joan, a performance by Dj Alex Hinohouse and, at midnight, fireworks.

At Santa Eulalia, the Institut d’Estudis Eivissencs organizes a lively party at the Plaza del Cañón starting at 19:30 hrs with a concert by Bluesmafia i es Saligardos, the lighting of bonfires, and a performance of Dimonis is Mals Esperits i is Esperitrons. In the rest of the towns on the island, Santa Gertrudis, Santa Eulalia, San Agustín, San Carlos, San José, Sant Jordi and San Antonio, they also hold various events, usually with activities for children such as bouncy castles and games, as well as performances, roasted chickpeas and grilled sardines, live music, and bonfires.